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Episode 20 - "Green With Evil - Part IV"

Episode 20 - “Green With Evil – Part IV”

Hello everyone! Welcome back once again. Before we get into this week's episode I'd like to share a recommendation for a TV series. I've been catching up on “Warehouse 13” in the last couple days and I absolutely love it. It's second season is currently airing on Syfy and it's worth checking out for science fiction fans. Basically, it's about a team of secret service agents who work for a department called “Warehouse 13” the collect, catalogue and neutralize strange artifacts with supernatural effects. It's got a little of everything in it, horror, suspense, comedy, sci-fi. I'd describe it as being a little X-files mixed with some Doctor Who and a little Ghostbusters thrown in for good measure. Check it out and send me an email at and let me know what you think.

Now, on with the part 4 of the Green Ranger storyline.


We start off in the command center with the rangers watching Goldar smash up downtown Angel Grove, (or as Zack puts it “Goldar's blowing the world to bits!”) we waste no time getting into it this week.


The rangers attempt to morph but there is some kind of interdimensional power surge being caused by the computer searching for Zordon. It has shut off all power in the conmand center including the morphing grid. The world is defenseless!

On the moon, Finster recaps what's going on (in case someone missed last week's episode) saying that giant Goldar is destroying buildings to lure the rangers out into the open with their Megazord. If you'll recall, Rita plans to eclipse the sun so that the Megazord will be powerless and they can destroy it. There is seriously 3 minutes of recap and exposition before we determine that the plan is to shut down the Megazord and let the Green Ranger finish them off.

Back on Earth, Goldar is smashing everything to hell, but the Rangers still can't do anything about it. Billy comes up with a plan (looks like he's just hotwiring the computer) but at last: results! The command center hums back to life and our heroes can get down to business.


The rangers start into kicking some putty asses, but before they get too comfy Scorpina charges in and joins the fray. She distracts the rangers so well that they almost don't notice 5,000 foot Goldar trying to stomp on them!

At the command center, Alpha has had some luck in locating Zordon, through the static he tells Alpha that he's in sector C-9 (YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!) and Alpha gets to work trying to lock onto him. At the gymnasium/juice bar everyone is evacuating as it seems the building is about to collapse! Everyone that is, except Bulk and Skull. Bulk explains that he doesn't want to leave the building because he hasn't finished his ice cream yet. Atta boy fatty, good to have priorities. I steel girder falls in front of him and that gives him the motivation he needs to finish his ice cream and he and Skull run out of the building and steal a bus... terriffic.

Alpha nearly has Zordon found, but too late! The Green Ranger teleports into the command center! He unplugs some little cord on Alpha and Alpha collapses in sparks! This doesn't look good!

While all this is going on, Rita hovers in the air on her magical flying bicycle watching the rangers battle and gives Goldar the order to initiate the super-secret plan. Apparently, said plan is for Goldar to grab the bus that Bulk and Skull stole and tell the rangers to surrender or else he'll destory the bus? I guess?

The Green Ranger has one of those “evil will win! No it won't! Yes it will!” conversations with Zordon. He sends him to some other dimension again and apparently this time he's gone forever (I doubt it.)

Apparently while this was going on, Goldar set the bus down on a cliff and now a bunch of putties are rocking it back and forth like a bunch of NFL fans whose team just won a big game. (I promise not to make sports jokes ever again.) The rangers run over to assist Bulk and Skull, but they're intercepted by Goldar!

Back at the command venter, apparently Tommy didn't finish sending Zordon to another dimension yet because of all the taunting. Alpha's backup power kicks in and he tells the computer to set up some kind of power shield or something around Tommy! CAPTURED! For once things are going well for the rangers. Speaking of the rangers...


The zords roll into battle and immediately kick into Megazord mode. YOU FOOLS! That's just what Rita WANTS you to do. They get the Megazord up just in time as Bulk and Skull's bus starts tumbling down the cliff, but the rangers manage to catch it and move it to safety. The Megazord was doing well against Goldar so Rita decides to uneven the odds a bit and MAKES HER MONSTER GROW! Specifically she makes Scorpina grow! Then she starts casting her eclipse spell and the Megazord starts losing power fast. I'm amazed how quickly their power cells drained, but Trini suggests they summon the power sword which can apparently charge up the power cells. There is no explanation about how that makes sense, so we just go with it. With the sword, the Megazord starts doing much better agains Goldart and Scorpina.

At the command center, the Green Ranger is still trash-talking Alpha, who gets fed up and tries to unmask him, but too late. Rita teleports him to the battle and MAKES HER GREEN RANGER GROW!!! Goldar and Scorpina kindly step aside so that Megazord only has to fight Green Ranger. The rangers summon what little power they have left to try and finish the fight, but then Goldar and Scorpina join the fray and it looks like it's curtains for the Megazord. Tommy and Goldar combine swords to deal the crushing blow and knock the Megazord into the giant chasm that has opened up conveniently right behind them. The rangers escape, but the Megazord is not so lucky. It falls into some lava and the zords are DESTROYED! Wow. Epic.

I guess the rangers escape because next thing we see they're back in the command center moping around. Everyone but Jason seems ready to throw in the multi-colored towel... Just when all hope seems to be lost the computer delivers some good news. Apparently, when Green Ranger was captured in the force-field the computer locked onto something or other and was able to determine his true identity. The rangers are flabbergasted to see that it was Tommy all along! Which just goes to show how stupid they are because it was RIDICULOUSLY obvious. TO BE CONTINUED!!


Most of this episode was great! Fast moving, lots of battles and the Megazord got destroyed, that's like the Enterprise going down at the end of Star Trek III! Pretty sweet


Not much. I guess Tommy's dialogue was atrocious as usual.


Bulk wouldn't abandon a collapsing building because he wanted to finish his ICE CREAM

Overall, the best episode yet. 4.5/5 power-coins!

Well that's it. We're almost to the end of the Green Ranger storyline! I can't wait to see the conclusion. Join me on friday to see the end! I'll leave you again with another quote from the great Douglas Adams:

The story so far:
In the beginning the Universe was created.
This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.” -
Douglas Adams “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”

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