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Episode 21 - "Green With Evil - Part V"

Episode 21 - “Green With Evil – Part V”

Hello folks, it's time for the conclusion to the Green Ranger storyline! But first, an announcement. Due to the work-week I've just been through I haven't had time to get any posts in the can for next week while I'm away teaching in the land of no Wi-Fi. So there will be no updates next week. Regular service will resume the following tuesday. (That's August 17.) Thanks for understanding. Now, on with part V of “GREEN WITH EVIL!”


We pick up where we left off with the Rangers in shock, having learned that the Green Ranger is none other than Tommy! The rangers are resolved to breaking Rita's spell and saving Tommy!

On the moon the Groovy Ghoulies (my new name for the bad guys) are celebrating the destruction of the Megazord. They are about to launch the final phase of the evil plan to rule the Earth. (Probably just giant monsters stomping around like usual)

The rangers come up with a terrible, terrible plan to split up and search for Tommy. They tell Alpha to keep searching for Zordon while they search.

At the gymnasium/juice bar the teens are all gathered around the TV watching the news coverage of the destruction that Goldar and Rita have been causing. Ernie points out that it's a good thing the rangers are around or else who knows what might happen. Bulk and Skull take issue with that, they feel that they should be the ones being thanked. After all, they were the ones that helped the rangers scare off Goldar. (Liars.) Kimberly asks Ernie if he's seen Tommy, and he points him out to her sitting in the corner. Way to lay low Tommy. Kimberly (as usual, the stupidest broad in the world) marches straight up to the evil, super-strong teenager and confronts him with the knowledge that he's the Green ranger. Lucky for her, Tommy lets her off with a warning for some reason.

Back on he moon, we get some exposition. Apparently there is a Dragonzord that Rita has the power to summon. Rita uses her wand to raise said zord from the ocean. Now we know the final plan to destroy the power rangers. She's going to give this (totally badass) zord to Tommy.


At the command center, Alpha is still trying to rescue Zordon with a bunch of techno-babble about accessing his dimensional file (whatever the fuck that means) apparently he does it and now it's only a matter of time before the computer locates the big giant head.

Kimberly explains to the other rangers that she found Tommy and tells them that his eyes were glowing green. (Apparently noone noticed that his eyes have been doing that for the past 5 episodes.) Kimberly informs everyone that Tommy knows all of their secret identities. Just then, Trini charges in to tell the rangers that there is a monster attacking the business district! OH NO! In this economic climate? Rita, will you stop at nothing?!


The rangers leap to the top of a building and see Tommy riding on top of the Dragon zord. Tommy plays a flute (which is his dagger) through his mask (which has no lips) and signals the Dragonzord to launch rockets out its fingers. (I may be the first man in history to write that sentence.) The rangers big plan to save Tommy from Rita's spell appears to be to keep shouting up at the roof for Tommy to stop. Brilliant. Tommy ignores their pleas and keeps playing the dagger-flute and having the Dragonzord attack the rangers. Not so easy without your Megazord is it guys?

Back at the command center, Alpha has rescued Zordon! Alpha explains to Zordon that the rangers zords were destroyed. Zordon tells Alpha that it ain't no thang. He does something that makes their power coins start glowing. Then there's an earthquake and their zords are magically back together. What. The. Fuck.


Anyway, the rangers all jump into their zords and set to work. Zordon explains that if they destroy the Sword of Darkness then Rita's spell will be broken. There's some cool footage of the T-Rex zord and Dragonzord wrasslin' but the Dragonzord is still too powerful for the T-Rex. IF ONLY THE T-REX HAD LONGER ARMS! But, just when it seems too late, T-REX does a jumping jack and drop kicks the Dragonzord, knocking it prone. With the Dragonzord momentarily down, the rangers initiate Megazord sequence. Oh snap, this shit just got real. Megazord picks up the Dragonzord, military press style, throws it into a mountain and then starts wailing on it with the sword. Then it picks up Dragonzord by the tail (Mario style) and flings it into another mountain. For some reason, Jason then apologizes to Tommy because he's going to have to destroy his sword to save him. (I don't get why he's apologizing.) Jason flips out of the Megazord and he and Tommy have a wicked sword fight on the ground. Jason whips out his blaster and starts shooting, but Tommy appears to be bullet-proof while playing his flute. The true revelation is that the Green Ranger wasn't Tommy all along, it was Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull... Terrific. Jason shoots the Sword of Darkness and just like that... Tommy is saved! The rangers morph back into their attitudinal teenage selves and go to Tommy's side. Tommy is all mopey because he did so many bad things under Rita's control. But, Jason convinces Tommy not to sweat it and to join the Power Rangers.

Back at the command center, Zordon explains that the prophecy has been fulfilled (God dammit you big giant head, what fucking prophecy?! You're just making shit up week after week aren't you?!)


Zordon informs us (and the Rangers I guess) that the Dragonzord can combine with the Triceratops, Sabre-tooth tiger and Mastodon to form a new cool zord called The Dragonzord-in-fighting-mode. Bet you were expecting a cool name, me too. I am super disappointed.

Back on the moon the groovy-ghoulies are making the usual noise. They are super bummed about losing, oh well. At least they still have those sandwiches to look forward to.

In the command center, everyone’s standing around patting themselves on the back. Zordon tells Tommy the rules of the club and he tells Zordon he can count on him 100%. Billy, the fastest genius in the west, has already built a communicator/transporter/wristwatch for Tommy so I guess all that's left to do is jump in the air and pose. Which they do. Awesome.


The Dragonzord is sweeeeeeeeeet. As was a lot of the fighting in this episode.




I guess the fact that Rita didn't bother sending any of the other groovy-ghoulies to help out was pretty funny.

Despite some ludicrous plot holes (seriously, how in the blue hell are the god damn zords back?!) it was a good ending to that story. Plus, now we have the cool Dragonzord and whatnot. I'm giving this one 4 power-coins out of 5 and the whole Green With Evil storyline the same.

That's all the time we have for today, I'll see you in a week when I'll be back with more Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I leave you with one final Douglas Adams quote.

"The History of every major Galactic Civilization tends to pass through three distinct and recognizable phases, those of Survival, Inquiry and Sophistication, otherwise known as the How, Why and Where phases.
"For instance, the first phase is characterized by the question How can we eat? the second by the question Why do we eat? and the third by the question Where shall we have lunch?" - Douglas Adams

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