Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another Interlude: In which Joey learns the dangers of internet porn...

My PC has been stricken with a series of Viruses! (Viri?) which means I'm unable to stay logged in long enough to do a full episode! I feel terrible (especially since this comes a week after I promised no more interruptions) but at least I know this one's not my fault... Well, not really. All I can say is that I won't be downloading porn from that website again any time soon...

In lieu of our regularly scheduled blog post I present to you this picture of me losing my will to live sitting at my desk at work!

What a handsome man!!! (if you find chubby dudes handsome...)

I should have all this nasty computer nonsense sorted out (I'm going to install Ubuntu. Linux! WOO) by tuesday and if I'm able I'll try to do 3 posts next week to make up for this terrible terrible injustice.

As always, if you have anything interesting to say, just want to say hello, or have any suggestions about safer ways to acquire the adult entertainment I love so dearly please send me an email at

Thanks to everyone for reading!

~The Management

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